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“Him” By Elle Kennedy & Sarina Bowen—My First Favorite Book of the YearHim by Elle Kennedy & Sarina Bowen

This book rocked my world! It is everything a steamy contemporary romance should be.

Every so often, I come across a book I can’t put down. One that grabs me viscerally, tugs at my emotions, overwhelms my brain, fills my heart. The kind of story that, every time I have to stop reading and do something else, it’s all I can think about.

“Him”, by Elle Kennedy & Sarina Bowen, is one of those books.

I’ve read a few of Elle Kennedy’s books over the years and always enjoyed them. So, when my awesome critique partner, Laurel Greer, raved about it and insisted I download it to my Kindle ASAP, I did.

Then I let it sit on my reader untouched for almost two weeks. Big mistake (or maybe not, since I had editing to do).

Ever since I became a fiction author, when I read a book, a part of my brain is detached. It’s busy analyzing the structure, the writing, the character arcs, the setup, where the beats fall, etc. etc. I just can’t help it… Unless the book is absolutely, mind-blowingly, enthralling.

With “Him”, I was consumed. Immersed in Wes and Jamie’s world. Desperate for them to make it work, because damn it, they deserve to be together even if the whole world is against them.

Here’s the real surprise though…This is a male/male hockey romance. I’ve never been a hockey fan, and aside from one short story in an anthology, I’ve never read m/m.

If this is what m/m romance is like, sign me up for more!

Right now, “Him” is on sale for just $0.99 on Amazon. If you like hot guys, and hotter sex, mixed in with a good dollop of reality and sweet, true emotions, it’ll be one of the best dollars you’ve ever spent.


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