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09/08/23-09/10/23 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Conference – Finding Your Author Voice AND Let’s Write About Sex



10/12-10/14/23 Georgia Romance Writers Moonlight and Magnolias Conference – Finding Your Author Voice




02/25/2023 – Booklife indie Author Forum Panelist

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  07/11/22Chicago-North Romance Writers – Finding Your Author Voice




07/09/2022Connecticut Chapter of Romance Writers of America – Finding Your Author Voice


10/15/2021 – Emerald City Writers Conference – Finding Your Author Voice



10/17/2021 – Los Angeles Chapter of Romance Writers of America – Finding Your Author Voice


02/02/2021 – The Wild Rose Press – Finding Your Author Voice


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Speaking Topics

Finding Your Author Voice (And How It’s Different from All the Other Voices in Your Books)

Editors and agents often talk about finding your unique voice; or loving an author’s voice. But what exactly is your voice? How do you find it? And how is your voice different from the voices of your characters?

As a recovering longtime copywriter, I spent years creating or adapting to my clients’ unique voices. Along the way, I developed a straightforward process for doing so effectively that works just as well for fiction.

If you’ve struggled to find your unique writing voice, or you’ve ever had people tell you all your characters sound the same, this highly interactive workshop is for you.

Through examples and hands-on exercises, you’ll discover:

  • What constitutes author voice, and how it’s different from your characters’ voices
  • What differentiates one author’s voice from another
  • Simple tricks for finding your voice
  • An easy blueprint for developing unique voices for each of your characters

Opening the Door—Why, When, and How to Write Sex Into Your Stories

“Writing sex scenes for the first time is a lot like having sex for the first time: awkward, uncomfortable, and you hope your parents don’t find out.” Unknown Author

Sure, writing sex can be all of that in the beginning. It can also be a ton of fun, and a fantastic tool for deepening your characters and their stories. In this roundtable workshop we’ll analyze a few good and bad examples of sex on the page, and I’ll share my secrets for writing sex scenes and sexual tension that makes readers salivate.

Along the way, you’ll discover…

  • The difference between steamy romance, erotic romance, and erotica
  • Why, when, and how to include sex on the page—and when you probably shouldn’t
  • Tips and tricks for writing sizzling sexual tension AND steamy sex scenes
  • Three things every sex scene must have to be compulsively readable instead of cringeworthy

Why Stacy Gold?

Not just a boring talking head…With a degree in Environmental Education and six years as a naturalist, along with 12+ years speaking and teaching as a marketing consultant and copywriter, Stacy knows how to deliver informative and entertaining presentations. Her goals are to always keep the audience engaged, explain things in a way that’s easy to understand, and make sure everyone has at least one ah-ha moment. Whenever possible, her workshops include plenty of interactivity and hands-on exercises.

What people are saying

“Your chat workshop {Finding Your Author Voice} with TWRP tonight—WOW! Thank you for such an informative and thought provoking chat tonight, and for the call to action with homework and the backgrounder spreadsheets you have.” – Wendy Kendall

“Your workshop {Finding Your Author Voice} hit all the important points––it’s not easy making our characters sound different from one another, but it’s vital.” – Shirley Goldberg

“The chat {on Finding Your Author Voice} tonight was great and very helpful. I really appreciate actual tasks rather than just ideas I don’t understand how to incorporate. Thanks so much!” – Belinda Scott (writing as Elisabeth Scott)

I learned a lot from your {Finding Your Author Voice} session last evening! Thanks for taking time to share your insights and tips. I think other writers will definitely benefit from your workshop.” – Margot Johnson

“I have to tell you that your recent workshop was one of the best we’ve had. You have a way of simplifying and delivering complex information that made what is often a dry, confusing topic interesting and easy to understand. On top of that, your presentation was both interactive and entertaining. Judging from the evaluations, everyone really got a lot out of it. We are so looking forward to having you back to speak to local business owners again in the fall. It is very likely to have repeat participants.” Rebecca Villareal – North Seattle Community Capital Development

“Thanks for sharing your knowledge in such an energetic and fun way!” Debby Sutherland – Weekenders

“Stacy, thanks so much for being a breakfast keynote speaker at our monthly networking meeting. I loved your energy and enthusiasm, and I know that everyone was able to take away something useful. I also appreciated your ability to help us fill the room. Your presentation was very well received and I am looking forward to working with you as a consultant and having you teach for us in the fall.” Hendrika Benjamins – NSCC Continuing Education

“You are a prepared, professional and effective presenter. I’d like to joint-venture or collaborate with you if you are interested.” Howard Howell

Ready to book Stacy? Email her at stacy at stacygold dot com