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Enter Now for a Chance to Win Kindle Fires, Amazon Gift Cards, and a $25 REI Gift Card from Me in the Some Girls Like It Hot Giveaway!

I’ve joined up with a bunch of other romance authors to treat readers like you to a hot, summertime giveaway. You can win a Kindle Fire HD 10, Kindle Fire HD 8, Kindle Fire 7, REI Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards & More!

Signups to win in the Grand Prize Giveaway AND the Facebook Hop end at noon eastern time on Monday June 12th.

Here’s How You Can Enter to Win in the Giveaway and Facebook Hop

Enter the Giveaway Here

Be sure to join me and 100+ other authors for our Facebook Hop June 9-12, where you can enter to win a gift card at every stop. Plus, enter to win a bonus giveaway for the your choice of an Amazon Echo Dot or Kindle Fire.

Facebook Hop Starts Here on June 9

The Some Girls Like it Hot Giveaway is Sponsored by these authors:

Alyson Hale • Amy Knupp • Astrid Arditi • Cailin Briste • Cheryl Matthynssens • Christa Paige • Constance Phillips • Cynthia Clement • Debbie White • Eden Rose • Elizabeth Rose • Elizabeth SaFleur • Emily Leigh • Enigmatic Books • Felicia Beasley • Gayle Parness • Jeanne St. James • Jenna Barwin • Jennifer Allis Provost • Jennifer Wilck • Joanne Dannon • Jody A. Kessler • Josie Litton • Katie O’Sullivan • Kris Michaels • Kristina Knight • Laura Marie Altom • Lynda Haviland • Margo Bond Collins • Marie Booth • Melissa McClone • Mia Ford • Michelle Jo Quinn • Nancy Segovia • Olivia Wildenstein • Peggy Jaeger • Romance Author Quinn • Saint Brothers Series • Sarah Williams • Siera London • Sophia Knightly • Soraya Naomi • Sorchia Dubois • Stacy Gold • Stella Marie Alden • Stephanie Julian • Stephanie Queen • Sydney Aaliyah Michelle • Tamara Ferguson • Tania F. Walsh • Victoria Pinder • Aileen Harkwood

Meet new romance authors, win stuff, and have fun!


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