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Priest: A Love Story by Sierra Simone is Fresh, Fascinating, and Sexy as Hell!

When my critique partner, author Laurel Greer, recommends a book I don’t ask questions—I buy, download, and strap in for the ride. As always, she was right on with this steamy romance.

I am not Catholic, or even religious, having been raised in a mixed-religion home, so I wasn’t bothered by the taboo subject matter as some might be. Instead, I got wrapped up in the main character’s struggles, and loved that Ms. Simone kept his big, hairy backstory reveal secret until the end.

The writing is good, the concept is fresh and different for romance, and it’s the kind of book you can happily rip through in an afternoon. Sure, I can always enjoy another hockey romance, or set-in-college NA story, but I love discovering stories that break the mold. This one does that in spades.

Still, I couldn’t quite give Priest by Sierra Simone five stars.

Here’s why:

I would’ve liked more backstory on the heroine. She was a wealthy young woman who walked away from that life and decided to become…a high-class stripper. And sleep with a priest. On his alter.

Now, nothing wrong with being a stripper or sleeping with any consenting adult. But I never really understood why she walked away from her old life, and why this made the most sense as a career for her.

I mean, yes, she fit the bill for the club and it was easy money and she liked the control, but what in her past led her to this point—these choices? We find out what drives the hero towards the end, but not what drives her. Plus, I’m kind of over the whole stripper heroine thing in romances.

However, these are overall small quibbles. If you’re not offended by the idea of a priest breaking his vow of chastity in a big, big way, then grab yourself a copy of this spicy read. Find it on the author’s Website here.


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