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Writing Sex Scenes: Some Words Are Sexier than Others

As a steamy, contemporary romance author, I enjoy reading and writing sex scenes. So, I’m all always on the hunt for new ways to describe body parts and the things done to them.

Recently I realized I do not find the word lave sexy. It sounds like a woodworking term. I’m not sure I want my nipple, or any other part of me, laved (Ouch!).

I’ve tried using it in my stories, and it just doesn’t work for me. It’s not quite throw-up-a-little- in-the-back-of-my-mouth icky, but it is a turn off.

When I posted my thoughts on lave on Twitter, other writer Tweeps chimed in with:

  • Folds
  • Slit
  • Pump
  • Member
  • Also, turgid. Particularly when combined with member.

I don’t mind the first three, but member is definitely on my “no can do” list, turgid or otherwise. And I’m on the fence about boobs. To each his/her own, of course.

Are there words that bother you in sex scenes? Ones that are your favorites? Please do leave your comments below.

(This post started as a simple Twitter comment, and took on a—very funny, if somewhat juvenile—life of its own.) Read the original Twitter thread here. And be sure to follow me once you’re there.


  1. Jennifer M
    21st April 2017

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    Bud /rose bud ? and button! God, I’m gagging just writing it! ? I know there are others but they are avoiding me for the moment!

    • stacyg6
      4th May 2017

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      Ha! I’ve used button, but not bud/rose bud. Some days it’s hard to come up with a better word/description for sure.

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