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Romance Readers, Win $1250 in Gift Cards during the Spring Fling Giveaway!

Click this image and enter to win up to $1250 in gift cards!

Giving stuff away is fun, and who doesn’t need more gift cards, right? The fit is always perfect and the color always looks good with your complexion.

That’s why I’m excited to join 77 other authors in giving you the chance to win one of nine Amazon Gift Cards—with a top prize worth $500! Click here to enter.

Romance authors from every sub-genre (and a few non-romance authors) are participating including: paranormal, mystery, YA, new adult, suspense, thrillers, and urban fiction authors too. They write everything from sweet to super-steamy, so you can find your next favorite author by entering the contest too.

How Does the Contest Work?

One entry signs you up to each of our newsletters. You can also get bonus entries by signing up for an author’s newsletter directly on their site (Sign up for mine here for a bonus entry.)

Author newsletters tend to be filled with freebies, giveaways, and other goodies. Though you are free to unsubscribe at any time after the drawing, please don’t mark them as spam.

Visit the Spring Fling Website to enter!

Check out all the amazing participating authors:

Constance Phillips • Debbie White • Tamara Lush • Nancy Segovia • Helen Smith • Stella Marie Alden • Alyson Hale • Shirley Hailstock • Dena Garson • Ava Bradley • Tamara Ferguson • Lynda Haviland • Eva Chase • Ashlee Price • Allyson R Abbott • Phoebe Rose • Ysa Arcangel • Tee Garner • Jennifer Allis Provost • Rachel Woods • Amelia James • Jacqueline Diamond • Marsha A. Moore • Siera London • Emily Leigh • Aileen Harkwood • Jenna Barwin • Tara Lain • Christa Paige • Cynthia A Clement • Marie Booth • Hope Welsh • Sarah Fischer • Marie Johnston • Anne Renwick • Brea Viragh • Gayle Parness • Trish McCallan • Aubrey Wynne • JD Monroe • Sharon Kay • Elizabeth Rose • H. D. Thomson • Amy Brent • Caitlyn Blue • Margo Bond Collins • Bokerah Brumley • Felicia Beasley • Amy L Gale • Olivia Wildenstein • Tracie E. Christian • Patricia M Jackson • Kristy Tate • Astrid Arditi • Lisa Mondello • Cassie Alexander • Lori L. Robinett • Amanda Uhl • Melissa Belle • Josie Riviera • Layla Messner • Bree Dahlia • Cherie Claire • Barbara Barrett • M. Black • Lizbeth Selvig • Cailin Briste • Mia Ford • Bambi Lynn • Roxanne Snopek • Stacy Gold • Alex Gordon • Kristine Smith • Marianna Baker • Dragons Geas • Greta Boris • Oliver Chase • Allison Gatta

Visit the Spring Fling Website now to enter!

Coming soon as part of this fun promotion…

Get Ready to Win More Prizes During the Facebook Hop April 21-24!

If you register for this raffle, you’ll also get info about the upcoming Facebook Hop with gift card giveaways at every stop ranging in value from $5 to $50.

Plus, anyone who visits and enters the giveaway at every stop on the tour will be eligible to enter to win the grand prize—winner’s choice of an Amazon Echo Dot or Kindle Fire! Your full map to every author on the hop will be posted on April 20, complete with links to their FB pages. So stay tuned…


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