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book covers for the Winter Games Reader Challenge★★★ WINTER GAMES Reader Challenge Feb 14th – March 14th! ★★★

If you love to read, the Winter Games Reader Challenge is for YOU!

I’m excited to be a part of this free event running Feb 14th – March 14th and you’re invited…

Join me and 55+ other authors from all genres for this FREE four-week online event. Challenge yourself to read more and faster and you could win up to $250 plus loads of other prizes.

Winter Games is a fun way to meet and chat with authors, read tons of free books, enjoy online FB parties, win signed copies of print books, and so much more.

This exciting, four-week reader event includes:

  • Free books to read and review.
  • Online rave parties hosted on our private Facebook group.
  • Loads of great swag and prizes including signed copies of print books.
  • Live Q & A chats with all 56 authors.
  • PLUS a $250.00 first prize and $100.00 second prize!

The games have already begun! To join the fun as a Winter Games Reader, you MUST fill out the Official Sign up Form. It’s FREE, so click now and join us.*

Winter Games Challenge Participating Authors

Amanda Uhl, Amber Cross, Amey Zeigler, Augustina Van Hoven, Azaaa Davis, Becky Lee Whitehouse, Carmen Webster Buxton, Caryl McAdoo, Casi McLean, Catherine Wiltcher, Chris Patchell, Cj Fosdick, CJ Zahner, Deana Birch, Donna Kunkel, Eva Winners, Gail Meath, Inge Lise Goss, Jana Richards, January Bain, Jaqueline Snowe, Jean M. Grant, Jeff Schanz, Jennifer Wilck, Judy Ann Davis, Julie Howard, Kat Parrish, Kathi Goldwyn, Kayelle Allen, L.A. McGinnis, Laura Strickland, Linda Nightingale, Linda Watkins, Louise Bélanger, Lynda J Cox, M. S. Spencer, Marilyn Barr, Mckayla Jade, McKenna Dean, ML Erdahl, Peggy Jaeger, P. Stormcrow, Randy Overbeck, Sophia Karlson, Roxanne D. Howard, S. R. Mallery, Sabre Rose, Sara Ohlin, Shirley Goldberg, Stacy Gold, Stephany Tullis, Susan Hutchinson, Susan McCormick,Tamela Miles, Tena Stetler, TL Mayhew

Click Here NOW to join!

* To participate, readers must have an Amazon Reviewer page (IE: You must have posted book reviews on Amazon in the past)



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