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In Deep Is Now an Award-Winning Novella!

I am super excited to announce that In Deep, my second Emerald Mountain novella, has won BEST EROTIC ROMANCE in the 2018 NN Light Annual Book Awards! SQUEEEEEEEE!!!

This year, the team at NN Light’s Book Heaven blog read and reviewed around 1500 books. All the ones that earned five stars were entered to win in their annual book awards. Last year, my first novella in the series, Just Friends, was a finalist. This year, I actually won!

Sometimes you really need someone to say your writing is awesome.

Becoming an author takes a lot of time, energy, and hard work. Getting people to find, buy, and read your books might be even harder. It can begin to feel like a thankless task. I know I had started to wonder if it was worth all the work.

Sure, I enjoy writing for writing’s sake—it’s fun and challenging and engrossing and I get to play God in my own little world. But the point of writing a book is for someone else to read it, and hopefully enjoy it. Or be inspired by it. Or moved by it.

When you’re a newer author, you don’t get read a whole lot. That, along with a combination of injuries, surgeries, and family emergencies this summer, has made carving out any time to write difficult. In fact it’s made it seem like maybe that wouldn’t be the best use of my time. I mean, nobody is reading my work anyway, right? Wrong. Apparently.

Winning an award, and knowing that other people are reading my work and think it’s awesome, has definitely given me back some of my missing motivation. I want to write great books that others read. Seems like I’m finally on  my way.

All this is to say I’m thrilled and honored and thankful to have won this award. May it be the first of many more to come.

Learn more and grab a copy of In Deep here.


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